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Migraine And Headache

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Product Name: Migraine And Headache

Headaches are so common that almost everyone takes the odd one now and again for granted, but you may be suffering more than you can cope with. Chiropractors treat many of the causes of headaches. Here are just some of the causes – Too much tension Chiropractic may help relieve tightness in you neck muscles due to stress and tension in you neck, shoulders and back. Treatment may- ◾Reduce tension headaches – band-like pains at the back and front of your head ◾Improve the function of the jaw – grinding teeth causes muscles tension and may be a major factor in chronic headaches ◾Include sensible advice on how to cut down the stress in you life Neck injuries Chiropractic may also be very effective in the treatment of headaches that are the result of an injury or repetitive strain in your neck (known as cervicogenic headaches). These are usually dull or aching pains, affecting the base of the skull or one or both sides of your head. Migraine Migraine is a severe headache, accompanied by other symptoms which may include increased sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, or visual disturbances, that can last for hours or even days. Problems affecting the vertebrae (the bones in your spine) in you neck may also cause headaches, and be a contributory factor in migraine. Chiropractors can identify a loss of proper movement in the vertebrae and associated areas, and by treating them, improve their movements. This reduces stresses on the muscles, joints and nerves which may be causing the problem. Lifestyle changes can help headaches Stress may often be the trigger of cervicogenic headaches and muscular pain in the neck. While chiropractic care can help you may find to get the best result from treatment you need to change stressful habits. There are also certain substances in food and drink, and some mineral deficiencies that may be relates to headaches. Small adjustments to your lifestyle can often make major changes to the quality of your life.
Adult New Patient £72 / Hour
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Under 18`s New Patient £60 / Hour
Under 18`s Treatment £38 / 30 Mins

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