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Product Name: Orthodontics

Orthodontics plays a large part in the service we offer. We know there are many orthodontic treatment options available and we have the solutions for your individual needs. We do not just offer the traditional way of placing braces after multiple extractions. We would like you to be able to keep all your teeth where possible. This will mean you will have a beautiful, broad smile with great lip support. Which System? We have a variety of techniques to suit your lifestyle and budget. For slight crowding we can make a difference with an Inman Aligner in around 6-12 weeks, as well as providing 'invisible' braces with the famous Invisalign 'invisible' braces technique, fixed braces and Six Month Smiles. At CDG we approach orthodontic care for patients in a holistic way. If you are not suitable for Inman Aligners or Invisalign Light for a rapid results approach, you will be given other options. The conventional approach is to take a model of your teeth and place a brace to straighten them which often results in the teeth moving back to their original place. Extensive courses with world renowned specialists and consultants and years of treating patients successfully, means Jonathan Wood and Jon Sproson will guide you through a different journey that has created many hundreds of satisfied patients who continue to refer their friends and family.

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