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Product Name: Health Promotion

The Kick Start Fat Loss Club is a revolutionary new fat loss programme combining an elimination / detox plan, weekly club workout and daily online support. Ask yourself this...... Are you unhappy with your body shape? Do you have stubborn areas of your body that seem resistant to change? Have you tried numerous diets without getting lasting results? Confused about nutrition, which foods to eat & bombarded with conflicting weight loss information? Not getting the desired results from your current exercise regime? Would you like the support of a positive, like minded group? Then Its time to uncover the truth about diet and exercise. KSFL uses a clean, easy to follow diet plan, eliminating addictive processed food, detoxifying the body enabling you to burn more fat, have loads more energy, become slimmer, leaner and mentally on top of your game. The KSFL Live Club Consists of: Weekly Weigh in, Measure and Body Stat recording. 15 minute educational and motivational group talk – Understand the KSFL diet plan, meal and recipe ideas, PLUS Mindset & confidence coaching keeping you on track and motivated. 30minute Fat Burning Workout - Research shows you don’t need to work out for hours at a time for the best results. 30minutes of the right intensity exercise will burn more body fat than hours of cardio, or endless hours at the gym. The KSFL workout is simple and effective - it is an all ability interval workout with rest & recovery periods, perfect for beginners and experienced exercisers alike. Online workouts, meal planners and recipes, so you are fully supported - every single day. To get the desired results - a combination of correct nutrition, exercise at the right intensity, mindset coaching and motivation is required. KSFL combines all of these ingredients. crucial for your success. All delivered in a friendly, supportive and positive group. Knowledge is power my friends and KSFL will help you cut through the weight loss confusion with totally up to the minute nutrition and workout plans. Whether you want to lose 3lbs or 3 stone - Kick Start Fat Loss will get YOU the Body of your dreams. YOU deserve to live the life you really want and feel amazing, so what are you waiting for?! GET IN TOUCH TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO SEE HOW I CAN HELP YOU!!.
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