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Product Name: Home Fires Firewood

The type and quality of wood that you choose to burn will have a dramatic affect on the performance and heat output of your stove.
Guaranteed Moisture Content – Kiln Dried 10 – 20%
In Jersey, it is all to easy to buy poor quality, unsuitable firewood for your stove. Much of the firewood offered for sale in Jersey is softwood and has not been thoroughly seasoned, therefore a high moisture / water content results in an extremely disappointing burn with unsatisfactory heat output.
Home Fires Jersey Ltd are both pleased and proud to be able to supply some of the finest, Kiln Dried logs, sustainably sourced from European forests and woodlands at a very competitive price. Used correctly our firewood will guarantee you maximum efficiency from your stove.
We can guarantee that all of our produced hardwood logs are kiln dried average to below 20%, which means they meet all the highest recognised standards in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.
The Environmental Benefits of Wood as a Fuel – Near Carbon Neutral
Firewood scores massively over all of its competitors. There is no true Zero Environmental- Impact Fuel, however, sustainably produced wood, burned efficiently, is as good as it gets!
By heating their home with a wood burning stove, the Jersey homeowner is choosing not to use a fossil fuel which is a real bonus for our local and the wider environments.

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