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Product Name: Free Taster Session

I teach ‘Vinyasa Flow’ Yoga.
We link the body’s movements with the breath. My classes have lots of variety in their sequences, however you can always expect to begin with sun salutations and to end the class with a final relaxation in Savasana (corpse pose).
By moving the body as we concentrate on the breath, we can quieten the mind, destress and connect back with our inner selves.
I’d love you to come and try out one of my classes so Im offering you a free ‘taster’ session!
Simply sign up by entering your email address below and you will be sent a voucher. Once you receive the email, print it out and bring to class to claim your free session. Simple! Nothing to lose but lots to gain!
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Now: Free Taster Session

Expiry Date: 01/11/2016


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