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Product Name: Ville-ès-Nouaux (St Helier)

This Late Neolithic gallery grave (or allée couverte) was built around 5,000 years ago (3250-2250 BC). It consists of a rectangular chamber set within an enclosure of upright stones, which may originally have formed the edge of a long low mound that covered the monument.
Ville-ès-Nouaux Only seven of the capstones remain. The site was excavated in 1869 by S P Oliver and F Porter and re-excavated by Bellis & Cable in 1883. Evidence from within the tomb shows two distinct periods of use, the older layer had few finds but the upper layer contained the remains of numerous decorated beakers and Chalcolithic Jersey Bowls. This is a Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic cist-incircle (2850-2250 BC). The central stone cist (box) would probably have contained human remains but was found to be totally empty when excavated in 1883 by Bellis & Cable. The cist was originally surrounded by a ring of rocks set on edge and covered by a low mound. A number of roughly made urns containing cremated human remains were found buried close to the tombs these are typical of a late Bronze or early Iron Age grave (800-450 BC).

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