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Product Name: Steve Davies At The Harbour Gallery

Local graphic artist and illustrator (facilities manager by day and artist by night), Steve Davies specialises in highly detailed black and white pencil drawings in all subjects and can turn his hand to colour. His speciality is the field of aviation but his style is well developed and with 30 years' experience he can illustrate anything a client desires.
His greatest accolade is being made an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists after three successful submissions in the London Mall Galleries and a fourth in 2015. Plus also having some of work being showcased at the Jersey Arts Trust Projection Gallery for Remembrance Day. He has also been recently awarded the Artist of the Year for 2015 by the Society & Living UK Lifestyle Magazine as well in recognition of his artwork.
Currently after finishing commissions for a European and a local client (Spa panzer Luchs and Alfa Romeo sports car), he has added a B-17 Flying Fortress to the portfolio, launched a new set of fridge magnets and I is working on fast jets (no propellers!!!) to add to the aviation range, recently completing a set of RAF Phantoms, working on a Tornado GR4 and Hawker Hunters.
Steve's amazingly detailed and beautiful work can be found on the ground floor in Gallery 1 at The Harbour Gallery.

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