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Product Name: Training Kids & Teens

Little Athletes: 7-11 Year Olds This class lays the foundation for all future movements that our young athletes will encounter, whether it be sport-specific or fitness related. Athletes learn body awareness, coordination, and the fundamentals of gymnastics and strength training including forward/backward rolls, headstands, fun animal movements, different squatting/pressing/deadlifting modalities, push-ups and sit-ups, and more. A sense of personal accomplishment is encouraged, as well as positive group interaction. Sign up and reserve a spot for an upcoming session Teens Program: 12-16 Year Olds Geared towards older kids, the Teen Program classes focus on developing teenagers’ athletic ability and building the skills, strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility and confidence needed to excel in any sport. The Teen classes are also great for those kids who many not think of themselves as athletic, but who still want to participate in activities that allow them to be active, physical and part of a welcoming group of peers. Many of our “non-athletic” teens have actually discovered their own athletic abilities through HIIT Fit Kids. The Teens Program concentrates on honing skill-based movements as well as proper technique in the weight room. We also focus on building life skills including showing respect for self as well as other, making healthy choices, and academics. Research shows that kids are able to focus better on their studies directly after exercise.
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