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Jersey CrossFit Gym have created a special corporate package designed to provide a health and fitness program to companies which will improve staff sickness and absence as well as improve staff motivation and integration. Looking after your team is the first step to a healthy company. Research has shown that companies with health benefit packages: ◦Reduce business cost from a decrease absenteeism due to ill health and stress ◦Improved staff morale ◦Team building opportunities ◦Able to deal with stress more effectively ◦Increases staff motivation ◦Retain staff for longer and reduce staff turnover leading to a reduction in recruitment and training cost ◦Fit and healthy employees have happy disposition and if everyone in the office is happy, a good working environment is achieved and productivity is further increased. ◦Improves company profits We provide the following program for your employees to benefit from: Our coaches are there to look after all employees, make them feel at home and be helpful, encouraging and supportive. We will inspire and motivate them to reach their goals. Our great value group training membership is the best way to get started. Our timetable offers something for everybody to suit all levels and motivations. Below lists Corporate Membership benefits: ◦15% Discount: 5+ Members ◦20% Discount: 10+ Members ◦Wellness package involving nutrition plan, food plan and paleo diet guidance ◦Seminars on fitness, nutrition advice, reducing stress, fat loss and mobility ◦Monthly health checks and fitness assessments ◦Discounted personal training to improve wellbeing and fat loss ◦Articles in company newsletter on fitness and well-being We can preview classes at your company’s premises or at our facilities. We can even support your company’s events such as sports day, staff retreat or team building with our fitness programme. Corporate Package Options Full company invoice – This option allows a company to contribute towards employee’s health and fitness. Partial company contribution – This option is aimed at companies who would like to partially contribute towards their employees’ group class membership. The remainder of the monthly membership is paid by the employee via Direct Debit. Individual Direct Debit – Individual Direct Debit options are available for companies that would like to offer a health and fitness benefit and the employees will be paying for the membership on their own. For more information on these options please contact us

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